Gather round.
My name is Andrea Iannone.
Motorcycle racer, in MotoGP.
I'm from Vasto, born in 1989.
August ninth.
I've got tattoos, rings. People think I'm a show-off.
But I've been giving them hell for years. To get here.
I started racing because Angelo was doing it. My brother.
Blood runs thick.
When we used to argue, my father would give us boxing gloves and lock us inside a room.
When the room grew silent he would open the door and put us in bed, exhausted.
My father believed in me.
I owe him everything. Do you understand everything? Everything.
On my first day of elementary school he said: "If you come home with bruises, then you'll get even more.
And remember that whoever starts it gets it twice as hard. "
So if someone got on my nerves, I'd have a go.
And I'd go nuts.
At a certain point he told me: what do you want to do, hang out with friends or be serious?
He sold everything to support me.
At 15, 2004, I was racing in both the Italian and Spanish championship.
I had a rough start, picked myself up, and with a few laps to go I fell. Because I didn't know how to control myself. I wanted to overdo it.
It's just who I am. I know no limits.
If I play cards I want to win even if I don't know the rules.
And if I lose I cry.
If you don't believe me, come experience it with me.
Feel for my ways, and everything will go...
They expelled me from private school.
I would open my friends' rooms with calling cards.
If they didn't let me go out, I would escape.
It's always better to apologize than ask permission.
I'll explain why later.
In the following season I made it to the 125 cc World Championships.
The first race I won was on 4 May 2008, in Shanghai. It was the greatest day of my life.
For now, of course.
The bike from that race is in my shed, in my headquarters, in Vasto.
My life lies in there.
I listen to Vasco. I listen to Club Dogo.
My favorite line is: "I break crystal glasses because I'm the best at doing it. "
Do you understand it?
You have to find your talent, whatever it is.
From 2010 to 2012 I raced in Moto2.
Then in MotoGP, Ducati Pramac Racing, two years, two years and after in the Ducati Team.
In 2017 i’m start a new experience with Suzuki Ecstar team.
I learned hear how to roll with the punches, be patient, work towards a goal.
I like my life.
I like how I dress.
I like my house in Vasto Marina.
In my shower I've got a mosaic portraying a dream girl.
In my living room a powerful stereo system.
I like my motorhome, the car which I drive, it's a powerful one.
I like the sound it makes when I down-shift: it seems like firecrackers.
I like going out with my friends, small in numbers, trustworthy.
I like keeping my word.
I'll goof off one hundred times over, but if the one hundred and first time I give you my word, you better believe I'll keep it.
I like adrenaline, speed, when I pull ahead when I overtake.
I hate being touched.
I get up late.
I eat late.
I go to bed late.
Then I train.
My motto is: dare. Always dare.
I've learned to dare so that when the right moment comes I'll be ready,
it'll be a joke. And because of this it's better to apologize than to ask permission.
I've learned to speak my mind, even if it hurts.
I've learned to divide up the beast of Andre. The beast comes out when there aren't races and I can allow myself to do it. Otherwise I'm professional, concentrated.
A machine.
If you don't believe me come experience it with me
feel for my ways
and everything will go...
My name is Andrea Iannone
Motorcycle racer.

Biography written by Moreno Pisto,
managing editor of Riders e founder of
Twitter: @moreneria


ENGINE Water-Cooled, 4-Stroke, In-line 4-Cylinder, DOHC 4-Valve
MAXIMUM POWER Over 176kw (240PS)
MAXIMUM SPEED Over 330km/h
GEARBOX Six-Speed (seamless system).
FRAME Aluminum Twin Spar
SUSPENSION Front: Inverted telescopic fork (Öhlins)
Rear: Link type (Öhlins)
TIRES Michelin 17.0" front and rear
BRAKES Front: Double carbon disk/steel disk (Brembo).
Rear: Single steel disk (Brembo).
DRY WEIGHT over 157 kg (346 lb)